Educational Vision

“The South Kingstown School District envisions our learning community to be a joyful place that nurtures the love of learning by providing equitable opportunities for all students to discover their passion as they collaboratively engage in authentic activities where they feel physically and emotionally safe.”


Over the past three years, the South Kingstown School District has held a variety of sessions to engage stakeholders in educational visioning. The process was designed to bring together students, parents, educators, and community members to discuss teaching and learning goals and priorities for the school district in the years ahead.

This short video provides an overview of how teaching and learning have evolved to meet the needs of students and communities in the 21st Century, and how school buildings can be built or adapted to support those educational shifts:

Presentation to the School Committee

In October 2019, Superintendent Linda Savastano and her Leadership Team delivered a presentation to the South Kingstown School Committee and the community about educational needs in the school district and planning for effective use of school buildings to support teaching and learning priorities. View the Superintendent’s slide deck. See also the district’s approach to Deep Learning.